Student Led Projects

Dr. Walters is an education activist supporting merit based scholarships and diversity. She serves as a Faculty Fellow of the Berkeley College of Yale University, and as mentor for the student led projects, "Yes, And" (click to view the Yes And Campaign community page on Facebook) and "UNTOLD" (click to view the UNTOLD video as on YouTube) in the Leadership Program, College of Engineering, Cornell University. Currently, she volunteers as attending preceptor for monthly preventive health screenings at the Frank H. Netter School of Medicine student led Bobcat Community Health Alliance in partnership with Weisman AmeriCares Free Clinic in Bridgeport, Connecticut (click to view the Bobcat CHA Newsletter).

Invited Presentations

Quinnipiac University Frank H. Netter School of Medicine
Scholarily Reflection and Concentration Capstone Year 1
Introduction to Narrative Medicine: Early thoughts on anatomy
Anna-leila Williams, PhD, MPH and Cheryl A. Walters, MD
October 3, 2019

Part 1: Introduction to Narrative Medicine
Prof. Anna-leila Williams

Part 2: Early thoughts on anatomy
Prof. Cheryl A. Walters

Cornell University Robert Frederick Smith School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
ChemE 3010 Career Perspectives
Internal Medicine Physician and Professor of Clinical Medicine
Cheryl A. Walters, MD
April 25, 2016